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The Story of Vintage Peacock

“I’ve been working in visual merchandising for many years now. Mostly for the ‘big man’. After experimenting with a few ideas, I landed on Vintage Peacock. Why? It just felt right.

Spoiler alert –

This ‘about me’ section is about to become incredibly ‘cringe’.

Yes, I cry at weddings. Why? I’m a sucker for love. #sorrynotsorry

Not everyone is lucky enough to find their soul mate, their best friend or their life partner. So, I feel blessed to be a part of something truly special. Yes, I’m talking about you!”

Thanks for taking an interest in my ‘baby’.

It’s taken a lot of blood, sweat and tears to get here. Fortunately, none of it was spilled on our lovely items!

I look forward to helping you create life-lasting memories.”


Founder of Vintage Peacock

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Hi! It's Julia from VP. Thanks for reading our story!

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